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NHS’ COVID-19 Friendly Treatments Initiative Allows “Swaps” to More Convenient, Less Risky Cancer Treatment

Region: EUROPE | Type: Policy | Keywords: #agreement #covid19 #nhs #oncology PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The NHS has received £160 million in funding for “COVID-19” friendly cancer treatments that do not have a big impact on patients’ immune systems or offer other benefits such as fewer hospital visits, said NHS Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens Thus far, thousands of patients have benefited from almost 50 treatments approved […]

Germany’s AOK Opens Tender to Secure 119 APIs Worth 2 Billion Euros Per Year

Region: EUROPE | Type: Tender | Keywords: #aok #drugdiscountcontract #drugsupply #healthfund PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The largest statutory health fund of Germany covering 30% of the total population, AOK has launched a tender for nationwide drug discount contracts that is comprised of 120 lots with a total of 119 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) The contract will last from June 1, 2021 until May 31, 2023, with […]

Nordics to Jointly-Negotiate Access to Zynteglo with Bluebird

Country: DENMARK, FINLAND, ICELAND, NORWAY, SWEDEN | Region: EUROPE | Type: Pricing & Reimbursement | Keywords: #access #bluebird #finose #genetherapy #jointhta PRICENTRIC BRIEF: Bluebird bio has been invited to enter joint negotiations with Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden to ensure quick and equal access to its gene therapy Zynteglo (autologous cd34+ cells encoding βAT87Q-globin gene) for transfusion-dependent β-thalassemia Zynteglo will be the first new drug […]

The Netherlands Needs Healthcare System “Adjustments” to Prepare for Personalized Medicine

Country: NETHERLANDS | Region: EUROPE | Type: Policy | Keywords: #access #healthcare #hta #medicines #netherlands #personalized #reform #structure PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The Netherlands’ Innovative Medicines Association (VIG) believes that the current system structure in the Netherlands is not quite ready for personalized medicine ONVZ is the only health insurer in the Netherlands that reimburses pharmacogenetic research to do something about the changes, as it stands The news comes as the costs of […]

Italy’s Oncological Association Seeks to Reduce Cost of CAR-T Cells

Country: ITALY | Region: EUROPE | Type: Policy | Keywords: #alleanzaagainstcancer #car-t #oncology PRICENTRIC BRIEF: Italy’s oncological association, Alleanza Against Cancer (ACC), is seeking to collaborate with the pharma industry in order to implement production capacities and harmonize and automate processes, thus reducing costs related to the manufacture of CAR-T cells The ACC’s statement said, “Indeed, a potential virtuous synergy between academic institutions and pharmaceutical industries […]

EMA Recommends Expanded Remdesivir Compassionate Use Scheme

Country: NETHERLANDS | Region: EUROPE | Type: Regulation | Keywords: #chmp #compassionateuse #covid-19 #ema #gilead #remdesivir PRICENTRIC BRIEF: The European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) human medicines committee, CHMP has recommended expanding the compassionate use scheme for Gilead’s remdesivir to allow more patients with severe COVID-19 infection to be treated with the antiviral On top of patients who are undergoing invasive medical ventilation, the compassionate use recommendation from EMA now covers […]