Mature Brands

Leverage the critical last few years

Mature brands require a certain degree of market awareness, disease education and patient interaction with HCPs to understand and identify these products for appropriate use. As these brands’ revenue profiles continue to deteriorate during the course of the pandemic, so do the attention and investment they receive, as well as the already limited brand awareness they have in the healthcare ecosystem. Returning back to “normal revenue levels” is not something that should be assumed will automatically happen once the pandemic is under control.

Reignite revenue before the “Loss of Exclusivity”

  • Maximize product value before its loss of exclusivity, and optimize revenue at the late stages of the product life cycle.
  • Increase revenue from an unpromoted product with minimal up-front investment and risk. Inject new life into a mature brand with its own dedicated salesforce, product promotion and HCP engagement.
  • Preserve meaningful value of your brand and patient loyalty.

Purposefully built to act as your engine to reignite revenue

Imagine not having to divest your mature brand portfolio or maintain it “as is.” We have built a foundation you can customize for your product needs. Activate a complete, ready-to-deploy, high-performance model that can shape and execute a path to turn the performance of these brands and generate significant value from a clinical and financial perspective.

Explore these comprehensive services to support your mature brand strategy, including:

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