Patient Experience Project (Patient/Community Voice)

Delivering the Best Patient Experiences

At EVERSANA we put patients’ front and center in everything that we do. Through The Patient Experience Project, we collaborate with the foremost disease experts—patients and caregivers—to understand their journeys and co-create solutions that target unmet needs.

The Patient Experience Project (PEP) is the full-service, patient-centric communications arm of EVERSANA that is serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries.

How PEP delivers results that matter

Building authentic connections with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals is at the heart of PEP’s nationally–recognized approach. This approach includes innovative patient relationships management and best-in-class clinical trial recruitment and retention solutions.


PEP embraces patients and caregivers as partners to uncover profound insights about the patient journey and applies these learnings to transform patient relationship management.

PEPtrials/Seeker Health

Our patient-centered, technology driven clinical trial recruitment solution unlocks the power of patient engagement to break through recruitment and retention barriers.  Our goal is always to shorten the cycle of the trial, therefore helping our clients get much needed therapies to market faster and cost efficiently.

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