Pricentric ONE

Powerful Insights, timely and accurate  competitor data you can trust. 

More than just data, Pricentric ONE is the industry’s most comprehensive database of global pricing and market access intelligence, with everything you need in a single platform. 

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Global Pricing & Market Access

Everything You Need in a Single Consolidated Environment

Strategy Supported with the Right Data

Pricentric ONE by EVERSANA is a unique, powerful, comprehensive global pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement database portal. It empowers you with the information you need to ensure your pricing strategies are on target, and allows you to monitor competitors’ responses to price actions taken for your products.

The Pricentric ONE data solution features:

  • Global Data Service – Pharmaceutical pricing strategies derived from dependable sources around the global, tracking 80+ worldwide markets including US Red Book
  • Reimbursement Data – Indication level reimbursement data for key global markets, including product reimbursement status, reimbursement amounts and patient co-pay levels
  • Cost of Treatment Calculator allows users to compare costs across therapies and indication levels
  • Latest News – Pricing and reimbursement newsletters track key deployments in pricing, reimbursement, market access and HEOR
  • Special Reports – Based on data analysis and strategic evaluation
  • Analysis Beyond Data – Full access to knowledgeable data analysts

Featured Content

How do we pay for a cure?

Setting drug prices is a high-stakes endeavor, and that is especially true for the latest round of gene and curative products coming to market in Europe.  Drugmakers need to consider several factors that can help them set their product prices appropriately, including the risk of recurrence/relapse, differences in efficacy among cures, and comparators, including full […]

European Pricing Platform: The State of International Reference Pricing

Worldwide, pricing policy is always in flux. In this webinar, EVERSANA’s General Manager of Global Pricing and Access, Alan Crowther, examines global trends impacting the International Reference Pricing (IRP) landscape and discusses the possible effects these could have on the United States’ proposed International Pricing Index (IPI). In this discussion, Crowther looks beyond the in-country […]

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