Value-Based Contracting Evolution

Value-Based Contracting Evolution provides insights into value-based contracting engagements between biopharmaceutical companies and payers and integrated delivery networks (IDNs).

  • How prevalent are value-based contracts (VBCs) between payers and biopharmaceutical companies today?

  • What therapeutic categories are currently impacted by VBCs and which will be future targets?

  • What is driving interest in and growth of VBCs?

  • Which biopharmaceutical companies are leading the VBC charge?

  • What is the prevalence of value-based agreements between IDNs and biopharmaceutical companies?

  • What types of biopharma-IDN value-based agreements are growing in participation?

  • How do value-based agreements impact product access?

Use Value-Based Contracting Evolution to:

  • Identify best practices in value-based contracting between biopharmaceutical companies and payers as well as IDNs
  • Assess most common and successful types of VBCs, including key components and goals
  • Evaluate impact of value-based contracting on prescribing and formulary decisions
  • Company-Payer Value-Based Contracting Trends
    • Prevalence of and level of payer success in VBCs
    • Therapeutic areas most often gaining inclusion in VBCs
    • Barriers to successful participation in VBCs
  • Company-IDN Value-Based Relationship Trends
    • Prevalence and type of value-based agreements between IDNs and companies
    • Impact of value-based agreements on product access
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