Organized Customer Account Trends

Organized Customer Account Trends provides insights into health system activities that impact pharmaceutical product access, utilization management strategies, and engagement opportunities.

  • What are the environmental issues that will allow the most sophisticated organized customers to exert more influence over brands covered by the pharmacy and medical benefits?

  • Which strategic actions or capabilities should companies prepare for or respond to in a meaningful way?

  • How should companies adjust market-level strategies and tactics to improve access for their brands?

Use Organized Customer Account Trends to:

  • Understand the emerging business practices of organized customers
  • Provide strategic guidance to internal stakeholders on opportunities and risks
  • Landscape and Market Activities Among Organized Customers April
    • Assess key market events that influence delivery of care, including pharmaceutical care‚Äč
    • Identify the top strategies organized customers use to better manage total cost of care for multiple disease populations‚Äč
    • Identify opportunities to expand the organized customer footprint across critical areas of healthcare delivery
  • Landscape and Market Activities Among Organized Customers: Update September
    • Provide a midyear update on the most significant trends impacting organized customers
  • Market Alerts
    • Assess significant market events related to organized customers (e.g., merger/acquisition activity, new programs)
This product may also include relevant market alerts, real-time assessments of recent changes, or market events. EVERSANA reserves the right to change the timing and/or topics of its syndicated research publications.

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