Insurance and Benefit Design: Government

Insurance and Benefit Design: Government provides insights on potential changes in government plan benefits over the next two years, assisting companies in anticipating emerging access opportunities and risks.

  • How are new government policies changing the Part D market, and how will pharmacy access evolve as a result?

  • How have recently implemented changes to Part B in uenced Medicare plan management of drugs, and how are proposed changes likely to in uence management?

  • What drug control activities are states pursuing and what actions should biopharmaceutical companies take to appropriately prepare for the changing access landscape across states?

  • What actions should companies take to appropriately respond to recent state pharmacy regulations relating to Medicaid?

  • What impacts will regulatory and legislative changes have on company activities and profitability?

Use Insurance and Benefit Design: Government to:

  • Develop effective business strategies for the evolving Medicare Part D segment
  • Identify recent policy changes arising from legislative and administrative actions that affect access
  • Gain deeper understanding of state efforts to regulate drug pricing and importation
  • Track Medicaid expansion and 1115 waiver utilization, and assess their impact on Medicaid access
  • Assessment of legislative and regulatory actions that affect payers
  • Part B Management Trends February
    • Growth of cost-sharing requirements
    • Trends in SP use, buy-and-bill approval rates, and site-of-care selection
  • Part D Management Trends March
    • Enhanced and restrictive benefits in Medicare and Medicaid
    • Trends in Part D coinsurance, copay, and deductible amounts
    • Comparison of MA-PD and PDP business models
    • Trends in state utilization of waivers to manage pharmacy costs and utilization
  • Part D Policy Assessment June
    • Assessment of proposed Part D changes in next two years
    • Impact of Part D regulations on stakeholders
  • Part B Policy Assessment July
    • Assessment of impacts of proposed Part B changes in next two years
    • Impact of Part B regulations on stakeholders
  • State Pharmacy Control Regulations September
    • Assessment of state price control activities and their impact on pharmacy access
  • Senior Decisions and Out-of-Pocket Costs November
    • Response to out-of-pocket costs, utilization management tactics
    • Awareness of bene t designs
    • Use of biopharmaceutical company programs
  • Medicaid Policy Update November
    • Overview of recent changes to Medicaid rules affecting pharmacy access
    • State utilization of 1115 waivers
This product may also include relevant market alerts, real-time assessments of recent changes, or market events. EVERSANA reserves the right to change the timing and/or topics of its syndicated research publications.

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