Oncology Opportunities and Risks

Oncology Opportunities and Risks provides ongoing research, analysis, and insights to support management of U.S. branded oncology drugs.

  • What are the greatest opportunities and risks for company brands in the current year?

  • Which trends require company actions to ensure optimal access and reimbursement for brands, and which require continued monitoring but no current action?

  • What market trends and changes could trigger changes in payer or provider management approaches for oncology drugs?

Use Oncology Opportunities and Risks to:

  • Identify and track ongoing and emerging trends influencing current and future oncology market access environment
  • Identify risks and opportunities for companies to improve access for brands
  • Inform strategic planning and situational analysis for pipeline and inline branded oncology drugs
  • Key Trends in Oncology Market Access and Management January
    • Pricing/Reimbursement Policy Changes, including IPI ruling, 340B dynamics, and additional policy changes affecting access in the oncology market
    • Evolution of Alternative Payment Models, including CMS’s Oncology Care Model, other shared-risk/shared-savings arrangements, and outcomes-based contracting
    • Cost, Affordability, and Value Determinations Affecting Access, including copay accumulators, total cost of care calculations, value assessments, and HEOR
    • Evolution of Oncology Management, Reimbursement, and Distribution,
      including clinical pathway and formulary strategies, along with costs/management of diagnostics
  • Quarterly Updates March, June, September, December
    • Real-time assessments of significant recent changes or events affecting access opportunities and risks
  • Brand-Specific Pulses
    • Up to three tailored presentations on opportunities and risks for specific branded oncology drugs
    • Includes up to three customized market research evaluations exploring brand-specific needs gaining identification through the Opportunities and Risk Tracker
This product may also include relevant market alerts, real-time assessments of recent changes, or market events. EVERSANA reserves the right to change the timing and/or topics of its syndicated research publications.

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