Marketplace Dynamics: Respiratory

Marketplace Dynamics: Respiratory assesses current and future access landscapes for asthma and COPD treatments to support effective identi cation of opportunities and risks for brands.

  • What level of influence do payers and organized providers have on access in the asthma and COPD treatments market?

  • How will payer and organized provider management and contracting for branded asthma and COPD drugs evolve over the next two years, and how should companies prepare for these changes?

  • How are payers responding to key events in the respiratory drugs market, such as new approvals and updated clinical data?

Use Marketplace Dynamics: Respiratory to:

  • Closely monitor market evolution
  • Recognize access shifts across the payer and organized provider segments
  • Assess and/or predict current and future payer management of the respiratory drugs market to develop effective strategies for inline/pipeline brand(s)
  • Identify risks for brands, along with opportunities to improve access
  • Overview and Access Influencers February
    • Road map for improving access for branded respiratory drugs in 2020
    • Cross-category analysis of prioritization and management of respiratory drugs
    • Analysis of management of the respiratory drugs market
  • Insights on Brand Access at Payers in 2020 March
    • Payer use of reimbursement and utilization management tactics, along with protocols, to influence drug use and restrict access of branded respiratory drugs
    • Evolving management strategies for branded biologics on the medical benefit
    • Brand-specific line-of-therapy requirements across respiratory indications
  • Organized Provider Management and Evolving Alternative Payment Models May
    • Organized provider use of management tools and tactics to guide drug use and specialist treatment decisions
    • Brand-specific line-of-therapy requirements across respiratory indications
    • Prevalence of alternative payment models, innovative financial incentives, and performance metrics, and associated impacts on drug access
  • Contracting Trends and Insights June
    • Impact and prevalence of contracting within the respiratory drugs market
    • Key contracting terms and factors driving access gains for branded respiratory drugs
    • Evolution of risk-based contracting agreements for branded respiratory drugs
  • Outlook and Insights on Brand Access in 2023 August
    • Evolution of access in the branded respiratory drugs market
    • Predicted payer and organized provider management tactics for respiratory drugs
    • Brand access predictions for particular scenarios
  • Distribution Models and Use of SPs and PBMs October
    • Transition to new sites of care for of ce-administered treatments
    • Role of PBMs and SPs in product selection, distribution, and management
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