Organized Customer Advantage

Organized Customer Advantage provides insights on market events that expand organized customer influence and control over product access.

  • Which industry trends will allow highly sophisticated organized customers to exert greater influence over brands with coverage under the pharmacy or medical benefit?

  • For which strategic actions or capabilities should companies employ significant preparations or responses?

  • How should companies adjust market-level strategies and tactics to improve access for brands?

Use Organized Customer Advantage to:

  • Identify key market events that drive the evolution of organized customer influence over delivery of care, including pharmaceutical care
  • Define the primary initiatives that organized customers utilize to monitor, analyze, and/or reduce total cost of care for targeted diseases or conditions
  • Understand organized customers' growing geographic footprint and enforcement of standards of care to better influence prescribing, distribution, and administration of drugs
  • Identify the tools, strategic partnerships, and collaborations that organized customers rely on to advance population health initiatives
  • Identify and prioritize operational areas to determine account team expertise requirements to engage and build effective relationships with key decision makers
  • Market Events and Risks February
    • Market events driving the evolution of organized customers and their influence over delivery of care

    • Top strategies to support total cost of care for multiple disease populations

    • Actions customers take to increase influence on point-of-care decisions

  • Economics of Care Delivery April
    • Top initiatives used to assist in monitoring, analyzing, and reducing the total cost of care for targeted diseases or conditions
    • Transition of patient populations to lowest-cost sites of care
    • Financial goals and patient satisfaction improvements in an environment with evolving levels of risk
  • Standards of Care and Product Access June
    • Expansion of organizational structures to influence prescribing, distribution, and administration of drugs
    • Adherence to treatment standards, and how these tactics vary by therapeutic market
    • Current and future therapeutic or clinical priorities among organized customers
  • Population Health Programs and Collaborations August
    • Priorities, strategies, tools, and capabilities to improve population health
    • Clinical areas where population health opportunities include improvements in pharmaceutical care
  • Account Relationship Best Practices October
    • Unique account management approach that results in superior relationships with highly sophisticated organized customers
    • Identify the most valuable relationship-building opportunities beyond price negotiations
This product may also include relevant market alerts, real-time assessments of recent changes, or market events. EVERSANA reserves the right to change the timing and/or topics of its syndicated research publications.

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