Brand Access

2022 Research Agendas

Brand Marketplace Dynamics

Brand Marketplace Dynamics assesses current and future drug access and prescribing landscapes to optimize identification of opportunities and risks for brands within a specific therapeutic area.

  • Brand Access Landscape and Outlook 2025

    Release Date TBD

    Current Access Management Landscape

    • Stakeholder approaches to prioritization and management of the market
    • Key influencers and drivers of access management decisions
    • Use of access and utilization management tactics to restrict access and influence use, by stakeholder type
    • Current brand-specific line-of-therapy requirements
    • Evolution in management strategies for brands on the medical benefit and site-of-care management
    • Role of PBMs and specialty pharmacies (SPs) in product selection, distribution, and management
    • Prevalence of alternative payment models, innovative financial incentives, and performance metrics, along with associated impacts on drug access
    • Key contracting terms, prevalence, and factors driving access

    Future Access Management Outlook 2025

      • Evolution of access in the market
      • Predicted use of management tactics in market by 2025, by stakeholder type
      • Brand access predictions reflecting detailed and likely future scenarios
      • Evolution of risk-based contracting agreements

Brand Value Perceptions

Brand Value Perceptions benchmarks brand and company performance on program support, contracting, and attribute perceptions that drive brand value and optimize access within a specific therapeutic area.

  • Brand Value Perceptions

    Release Date TBD

    • Benchmarking of current brand and company performance on 20 attributes across three main drivers: brand attributes, contracting, and support/resources
    • Influence of new clinical trial data, new indications, and recent launches on stakeholder access decisions and utilization management
    • Identification of emerging attributes, innovative programming needs, and evolving contracting dynamics, as well as potential near-term impact on access decisions

Oncology Pathways

Oncology Pathways assesses current and future landscape of pathways across cancer types, supporting identification of opportunities and risks for brands.

  • Oncology Pathways Landscape

    Available April 2022

    • Insights on the evolution of oncology pathways, across health plans, organized providers, oncologists, and pathway vendors across 20+ cancer types
    • Current pathway implementation and key characteristics of pathways, across stakeholders and by cancer type
    • Key influencers of pathway development and administration
    • Impact of pathways on oncologist’s treatment decisions and assessment of oncologist pathway adoption at point of care, including rationales (e.g., financial incentives) for choosing plan, group, or system pathways
    • Factors affecting further pathway implementation
  • Oncology Pathways Landscape

    Available September 2022

    • Midyear update on key market events driving the evolution of oncology pathways
    • Deeper dive into pathway insights on specific cancer types and brands as needed/based on client input

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