Health Strategies Insights

Deepest insights on your most pressing market access needs

Health Strategies Insights by EVERSANA gives you an advanced set of capabilities, frameworks, and methods. These are all derived from a robust stakeholder panel, providing critical answers to your specific payer marketing and market access questions.

Product Portfolio

  • Market Access

    Monitors and evaluates U.S. market access trends to anticipate environment shifts that affect access and reimbursement

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  • Brand Access

    Identifies current and future opportunities to optimize access for your brands

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  • Account Access

    Guides account strategies to impact sales and marketing at leading organizations

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  • Patient Access

    Assesses and measures key opportunities to improve satisfaction and patient access to therapies

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Unrivaled Key Customer Panel

Health Strategies Insights’ panel includes 23 of top 25 health plans, regional plans and several hundred ACOs and IDNs. We survey and/or interview several executives from all market access customers EVERYDAY.

Our Key Customer Panel includes relevant customer segment experts, such as: MCOs, PBMs, IDNs, specialty pharmacies and ACOs.

  • Pull-though on actionable and data-backed insights with confidence
  • Ensure relevance, utilization, and actionability from insights
  • Gain access to an advanced set of market access frameworks, and methods
  • Deliver innovative and forward-looking strategies
  • Navigate the interconnected organizations that manage access and payment
  • Optimize reimbursement and market access of both launch and in-line products
Our Key Customer Panel includes:
  • 4,000 Ppl from Health Plans
  • 2,900 Ppl from Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs)
  • 1,600 Ppl from Oncology Centers
  • 500 Ppl from Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs).
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Advanced Market Access Knowledge Answers Your Specific Questions

Our thought-leading experts just launched our new, groundbreaking intelligence platform, IntelliCenter™. This platform gives you a data-driven, evergreen, advanced set of market access knowledge, trends to provide critical answers to your specific market access questions.

  • Anticipate how the macro environment and future trends will affect access
  • Identify current and future opportunities and risks for your brand
  • Develop or adjust access strategies for your brand
  • Build programs that optimize your brand’s access
  • Benchmark your team’s performance against competitors on the competencies and attributes that lead to stronger MCO and IDN customer relationships

Whether you would like to download your information in Powerpoint, Excel, or even Raw Data Tables, our easy to use, dynamic portal gives you what you need when you need it.

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Quick, Credible Answers to Your Time Sensitive Questions

With ACCESSEXPRESS, you can ask up to 10 questions to payer stakeholders in the US and EU5, and get results in just a few days.

We currently offer access to 4 of our nurtured panels where payer stakeholders have been pre-screened for their decision-making influence, experience with P&T committees, and knowledge of the life sciences market.

  • Test business assumptions before committing extensive resources on larger, custom research
  • Evaluate products for in-licensing or portfolio prioritization
  • Optimize reimbursement and market access of both launch and in-line products
  • Check go-to-market strategies and payer messaging

For more information on how access express works:

Our 4 panels include:
  • US National Health Plans
  • Integrated Delivery Networks
  • EU5 National, Regional and Local Stakeholders
  • Oncology Centers

Custom Projects

Brings an advanced set of global and bespoke market access capabilities, frameworks, and methods to answer your specific questions across the product lifecycle.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Behavioral and attitudinal segmentation of organized customers tailored to client-specific desired outcomes

  • Patient Access and Reimbursement Requirements

    Assessment requirements and opportunities for patient access and support via Hub or other programs

  • Customer Relationship Assessment

    Measurement of relationships with your customers and identification of drivers of productive relationships

  • Opportunity and Threat Assessment

    Evaluation of the opportunities and threats presented by a specific macro-environmental or customer change and identification of strategies to ensure future success

  • Value Proposition Assessment

    Identification and testing of the optimal value proposition of a product/compound with market access stakeholders

  • Customer Programs and Resources

    Identifying the optimal programs and resources for payer access and relationship development

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