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Evidence-Based Data You Can Depend On

The increasing availability of Real World Data allows for the rapid generation of evidence and value measurement. ACTICS includes deep, rich longitudinal data on patients that can be used to develop and design comparative studies to measure clinical and economic outcomes. RWE strategy, design, messaging, and content development enable strong brand positioning and pricing.

Value Across Therapeutic Areas

We have a successful track record of supporting products in an ever-expanding array of therapeutic areas. Recent areas of research include oncology, metabolic disease, cardiovascular, rare diseases, CNS and immunology; however, our team has experience in most major conditions and many rare conditions. As well, we have expertise in the support of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tests, medical devices, and digital therapeutics.

Rapid Generation of Evidence and Value Management

A challenge in measuring product value is that it can be subjective, with “value” meaning different things to different audiences. Regulators and clinicians want to know a product is safe and effective. Patients are concerned with improving their short- and long-term health. Payers want to understand how a product performs both within clinical trials and in actual practice compared to current standards of care. Health technology assessment bodies want to know that the added clinical benefit is delivered at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Whether your product is new to the market or well-established, we can help answer the questions that define its overall value:

  • What is the pricing potential of my product?
  • How best can I demonstrate and communicate my product’s value to all internal and external stakeholders?
  • How can I integrate the clinical data from clinical trials and electronic medical records with the economic data from claims to provide a complete view of value?

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