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ACTICS-Powering Patient Services

ACTICS-Powering Patient Services

Powering Patient Services

Next Generation Patient Services Enhanced by Actionable Data

ACTICS complements the next generation of patient services, focusing on improving patient outcomes like affordability, access and hub, patient journey and adherence, and much more.

Like you, we put the patient at the center of everything we do. Now, with the combined power of AI-driven predictive analytics and ready-to-deploy, real-time commercial services, we’re able to inform and influence the next best action along the entire patient journey.

Understand the complexity of disease, improve forecasting and communications with patients, design more effective clinical trials, predict trends, customize treatment pathways, and so much more.

With ACTICS, clients can power their commercial success through:

  • Communication with patients through the channel that is best suited for them
  • Patient hub enrollment/engagement metrics that are combined with social and real-world data to provide a holistic view
  • Trend predictions along the patient journey, such as identifying best access options for primary adherence
  • Optimized patient assistance and copay programs with data-driven patient-centricity

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