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Pierantonio Russo, MD, FCPP, FAAP, STS

Corporate Chief Medical Officer


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data & Analytics, Digital Medicine, Health Economic Research, Medical Information, Pricing, Reimbursement & Market Access

After leaving the Mayo Clinic, from 1988 to 2007, he held academic, clinical and administrative leadership positions as Chief of Cardiac Surgery, Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Heart Transplantation  at several Academic Hospitals in the USA, including Temple University, St Christopher’s Hospital, Thomas Jefferson Medical College and the University of Missouri and was fellow in heart transplantation and circulatory mechanical support at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston.

Dr Russo has practiced cardiac and heart transplant surgery for over 20 years, and he is a physician executive with expertise in data and analytics, health economics and reimbursement, health insurance and population medicine. He holds a Certificate in Health Care Innovation-Health and Health Care Administration Management from the University of Pennsylvania-Philadelphia and a Certificate in Digital Medicine (Node. Health). He is member of the STS, FAAP, FCPP and professional member of the AHA. Currently, he is the Corporate Chief Medical Officer at EVERSANA, and on the advisory board of several health services organizations.

From October 2007 to March 2016, he was the Medical Director at Independence Blue Cross (IBC), Philadelphia, where, among other innovations, he worked with the analytic team to design predictive and prescriptive analytics that guided the appropriate utilization of remote monitoring, digital solutions and telemedicine for IBC members with advanced HF. He also served as Vice President of Health Services at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care in Boston, and responsible for managing utilization management, providers network, medical cost and medical policies, advanced disease management programs, including practice integration of behavioral health with primary care, across four markets (MA, ME, NH, CT). In addition, during this time, Dr. Russo was Council Chair and Board member of the Massachusetts Health Care Quality Partners. On November 11, 2017, he received the Health Hero Award in recognition of significant contributions to the health and welfare of the community.

Dr Russo’s teaching experience spans over 27 years. He has held full-time academic positions in surgery and pediatrics at Temple Medical School, Thomas Jefferson Medical College, the Allegheny University (PA) and the University of Missouri (MO). In addition, he taught for the Wharton School of Business (International program), a postgraduate MBA course on health care quality entitled: “Managing the Performance of Health Care Organizations”. From 2006 to 2016, he was Adjunct Professor of Biotechnology at Temple University, Philadelphia, where he provided mentorship to postgraduate students and had an advisory role to the Office of the President of the SHRO.

Recently, he was on the Harvard Medical School Faculty as Lecturer in Population Medicine and CMO at HVH (ML for health care), CMO at Behave Care (now Upward Health) and Springs Hills Population Health (NJ).

Articles by Pierantonio Russo, MD, FCPP, FAAP, STS

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Predicting Telehealth Use through the Power of Machine Learning: Insights from EVERSANA to Be Shared at Upcoming PMSA Conference.

Telehealth has emerged as a vital channel for health services delivery in the post-COVID era. However, understanding patient telehealth use remains a complex challenge for healthcare providers. At EVERSANA, our experts are leveraging machine learning techniques to predict this effectively, providing valuable insights for healthcare marketing and patient engagement strategies. Pierantonio Russo, M.D., EVERSANA’s Corporate […]

Lead Time Is All You Need: Patient Identification for Cell and Gene Therapies Using Machine Learning and Advanced Data Analytics

Discover how EVERSANA’s cutting-edge approach is revolutionizing patient identification for cell and gene therapies. In our white paper, “Lead Time Is All You Need: Patient Identification for Cell and Gene Therapies Using Machine Learning and Advanced Data Analytics,” we explore the transformative power of machine learning and advanced data analytics in the world of healthcare. […]

Unlocking the Power of Data, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovations to Revolutionize Care for Rare Disease Patients

Rare diseases and developing and distributing the therapies that treat them create highly complex challenges for pharmaceutical manufacturers, and certainly for the patients and providers impacted by them every day. Because these diseases are often extremely difficult to diagnose and treat effectively, advancements toward alleviating the toll they take on patients’ lives are often few […]

Health Disparity Solutions Build Healthier Communities and a More Equitable Medical Landscape

Achieving equity within healthcare is a harrowing but imperative goal for the industry. Lack of safe housing and healthy food, low income, ethnicity, race, rural living and other social determinants of health (SDOH) can have a substantial impact on access to quality care for millions around the world. EVERSANA is dedicated to narrowing the gap […]

The IDeaS Initiative: Pilot Study to Assess the Impact of Rare Diseases on Patients and Healthcare Systems

When combined, rare diseases (RD) are not actually rare, as they collectively affect around 25–30 million people in the United States (US) and more than 300 million people worldwide. RD represent a diverse spectrum of more than 7–10,000 different disorders, most of which affect only a few hundred to a few thousand people per disease. […]

Use of Machine Learning to Accurately Size Market Potential and Optimize Sales and Marketing Resources

Machine Learning as a strategic lever in healthcare. Recent advances in Machine Learning (ML) now make it possible for pharmaceutical companies to more accurately identify patient populations, including misdiagnosed patients with rare diseases and other diseases that have a high prevalence of symptomatic related diagnoses, along with their healthcare providers. With this knowledge, it also […]

Video: New Cardiovascular Events after COVID-19 Infection

As we continue to learn more about COVID-19 and how the virus impacts the entire body, more information is coming to light regarding its impact specific to the heart and cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular complications of acute coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) have been studied in great depth. However, a comprehensive study on the occurrence of […]

EVERSANA Featured in NIH Study Detailing the Cost of Treating Rare Disease

“The IDeaS initiative: pilot study to assess the impact of rare diseases on patients and healthcare systems” EVERSANA™ was the only data and analytic organization invited by a consortium of provider organizations and the NIH to participate in a study with the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS). The study, […]

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