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Maneesh Gupta

Senior Partner


Brand Plan Development, Commercialization, Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory), Forecasting Activities, Oncology, Product Launch

Maneesh comes to EVERSANA Management Consulting from IQVIA. He held a number of leadership roles over his 10 years at the firm, most recently serving as Practice Lead, Launch Excellence and Brand and Commercial Strategy. In this role, he led the launch excellence and brand strategy practice in the United States, focusing on helping clients optimize their strategy, planning, implementation, and tracking. Among his many accomplishments, Maneesh conceptualized and developed IQVIA’s patient centricity/patient journey offering from scratch, developing a $6 million business from the offering within three years.

Prior to IQVIA, Maneesh was Manager at ZS Associates, where he led and managed strategy, marketing, and sales consulting projects for pharmaceutical and biotech clients. Before that, he was a Consultant at DuPont Consulting Solutions, working on marketing and sales effectiveness projects. He also worked with the new product development team at DuPont Titanium Technologies.

As Lead, Practicum Team, at IBM, Maneesh developed a strategy for Websphere Connectivity, leading a team of four MBAs, and as Marketing and Sales Operations Manager at Aricent Technologies (Futuresoft), he managed a team across the brand, sales effectiveness, and marketing functions. His career began at Thomson Consumer Electronics in Chennai, India, where Maneesh was an Assistant Product Manager.

Maneesh holds an MBA in business administration from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MBA in marketing and supply chain management from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. He earned his bachelor of chemical engineering from Jadavpur University in Calcutta, India.

Articles by Maneesh Gupta

Overcoming the Commercialization Challenges of Personalized Cancer Immunotherapies

Personalized cancer immunotherapies are emerging as a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment, aiming to provide individualized therapies based on a patient’s specific genetic makeup. The FDA has not yet approved any personalized cancer immunotherapies, creating an intense race within pharma to be the first mover.   These therapies have the potential to overcome the limitations of […]

CHALLENGING TRADITION: The argument for integrated commercialization to improve operational agility

Today’s economics simply do not support building commercial capabilities from scratch, only to dismantle that infrastructure until the next need arrives. Manufacturers will spend approximately $200 million of commercialization costs over three years leading up to the launch of their product, yet 66% of drugs do not meet launch expectations.    In an era of specialty and […]

Navigating the Transition to Post-Approval Pharmacovigilance With EVERSANA and ArisGlobal

Partnering with a contract research organization (CRO) provider during clinical development fills an important role in the product life cycle, providing pharmaceutical companies with pharmacovigilance expertise and support during clinical trials. After product approvals, it can be tempting for companies to remain with their CRO partner; however, the commercial phase of the product life cycle […]

A SpaceX Philosophy to Launching in Pharma

In thinking about the economics around the launch of pharmaceutical products, it is useful to compare the situation to another area that has seen its economics evolve in recent years: space travel. For decades, the only reusable space vehicle was NASA’s space shuttle. When the space shuttle was in operation, it could launch a payload […]

Engaging Oncology Patients and Providers in The Age of COVID And Beyond

The engagement model for oncology patients and providers is failing, and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have only accelerated the trend. Not only are pharmaceutical reps restricted in the types of information they are allowed to communicate, but their access to providers in oncology practices is also more limited than ever as a result of COVID and productivity concerns.

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