Kevin McDermott

Chief Commercial Officer


Commercialization, Launch Readiness, Leadership, Management, Marketing and Advertising, Sales, Stakeholder Engagement & Promotion (Patients, Payers, Providers), Training

Kevin started his career in sales and marketing and for the past two decades, led market access functions across multiple biopharma organizations. He has a track record of building and leading customer-centric, highly collaborative and focused teams.

Kevin has deep broad commercialization experience and has led teams on the Lipitor®Welchol®Fluzone®, Benicar®Effient®Zenpep® and  Arikayce® brands.

Kevin holds a BS/BA in Pre-Med and English from Hillsdale College and is a lecturer for the Rutgers Healthcare MBA  program.

Kevin has deep expertise in CV, Oncology, GI, Pulmonology, Rare Diseases, Vaccines, Launch, Commercialization, Patient Access, Patient Advocacy, Payer Strategy & Engagement, Health Policy, HEOR, Pricing & Reimbursement, Specialty Distribution and Retail Channel Management.

Kevin has consistently demonstrated the ability to integrate multiple partners into a launch excellence team who focus on the mission, not their individual functions/business units (both domestically and globally).

At EVERSANA, Kevin helps our EVERSANA® COMPLETE Commercialization partners successfully launch their brand and achieve their commercialization goals​.

Articles by Kevin McDermott

Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act: Inflation Rebates

Prescription drug manufacturers routinely implement price increases for a variety of reasons that support their business. With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act late in 2022, Congress added a twist to these price increases. One provision of the Act, also known as the IRA, implements rebates from pharmaceutical companies to Medicare for price increases […]

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