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John Chatas

시니어 컨설턴트


Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory)

John is a veteran healthcare and life sciences marketing and business development strategist who has been generating results on behalf of high-profile global enterprises for over 20 years. His experience includes engagements ranging in size from start-up operations up to Fortune 50 companies in multiple therapeutic categories. John has significant expertise in successfully developing and managing business operations in high-growth environments.

Throughout his career, John has held leadership positions in general management, marketing and sales, business development, service center operations, digital communications, data services and medical education with CVS Health, MedPoint Digital, HealthSTAR Communications and Epsilon.

John earned a BA degree in Management from Michigan State University and an MBA degree from DePaul University.

Articles by John Chatas

Navigating Pharmaceutical Success: Harnessing Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling

In the fast-paced world of pharmaceuticals, where market forecasting and regulatory compliance are paramount, data-driven insights can make all the difference. Discover how EVERSANA’s Specialty Consulting team excels in crafting tailored predictive modeling solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes. With a comprehensive understanding of the challenges inherent in product commercialization, we offer strategic advantages […]

Left-Right-Left: The Latest in Pharma-Payer Ping Pong

Biopharmaceutical companies have offered financial assistance for commercially covered patients’ out-of-pocket (OOP) cost sharing for 20+ years. However, in the ongoing evolution of controlling versus encouraging patient access to specific drugs, payers and biopharma also have a long history of one-upmanship. Are pharma motivations for offering copay assistance centered on the patient, their own bottom […]

Solving the Wastage Challenge Through Predictive Analytics and Modeling

“Solving the Wastage Challenge Through Predictive Analytics and Modeling,” authored by John Chatas, Principal, Specialty Consulting, EVERSANA and Lee Ann Steadman, Senior Vice President, Specialty Consulting, EVERSANA explores how legislative changes like the Wastage Reduction Act are driving pharma companies to find innovative ways to minimize product wastage & avoid costly fines. EVERSANA’s #SpecialtyConsulting supports […]

Optimizing the Performance of a PSP and Improving Outcomes For All Stakeholders

Patient Support Programs (PSP) have been proven to improve clinical and patient outcomes and help manage patient out-of-pocket cost and prescribed use. Particularly for specialty drugs, the services provided under the PSP umbrella not only help remove barriers to patient access, they provide healthcare providers (HCPs) with tools they can use to help patients better […]

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