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Faruk Capan

Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Executive Officer, EVERSANA INTOUCH


Marketing and Advertising, Stakeholder Engagement & Promotion (Patients, Payers, Providers)

Faruk is EVERSANA’s Chief Innovation Officer and the Chief Executive Officer of EVERSANA INTOUCH, the best-in-class full-service marketing and creative agency of more than 1,500 employees globally that joined EVERSANA in December 2021. Faruk leads the Intouch Group team to drive next-generation ideas and strategies for clients across the pharmaceutical industry. He is a graduate of Marmara University and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Central Missouri.

Articles by Faruk Capan

Future-Proofing Demands Proof: How Innovators Are Transforming Pharma Commercialization

In the fast-evolving landscape of pharmaceuticals, staying ahead demands more than just adapting to today’s challenges – it requires pioneering the future. Introducing intentional innovation, the sweet spot where blue-sky imagination meets on-the-ground effort. It’s being able to not only ideate, but to actually accomplish the groundbreaking “firsts”.   Much of the conversation about innovation focuses on […]

Unlocking the Power of Data, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovations to Revolutionize Care for Rare Disease Patients

Rare diseases and developing and distributing the therapies that treat them create highly complex challenges for pharmaceutical manufacturers, and certainly for the patients and providers impacted by them every day. Because these diseases are often extremely difficult to diagnose and treat effectively, advancements toward alleviating the toll they take on patients’ lives are often few […]

Missed Connection or Meant to Be?

EVERSANA is raising the questions the industry is thinking but is too afraid to ask aloud: Has omnichannel lived up to its promise of the “right message at the right time” to drive meaningful results that wouldn’t otherwise be realized by traditional sales and marketing strategies? Are those “seamless brand experiences” integrating the right mix […]

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