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EVERSANA’s deep bench of oncology experts leverage their extensive industry experience to inform strategies and deliver services that pave the way to commercial success. In an effort to share expert knowledge and help manufacturers understand the complexities of commercialization for new oncology therapies, EVERSANA developed a robust library of resources.

Watch recordings from industry-leading conferences, download white papers and review recent media publications.

New Published ASCO Journal Abstracts

Jonathan Kish, General Manager, Real Word Evidence, is a versed expert in Data and Analytics and oncology. He recently demonstrated the value of Real World Evidence in understanding cancer patients’ journeys in his latest abstracts published in the ASCO Journal.

NAVLIN Insights delivers the most innovative market research solutions for oncology manufacturers, from pipeline to loss of exclusivity. Our proprietary insights, which are derived from an unrivaled expert panel network, are combined with an advanced set of methods, frameworks and novel solutions to provide competitive intelligence, insights and strategic recommendations to support the best possible access for your therapy.

  • Market Access
    Market Access

    Monitor key trends in commercial and government markets to understand how payers are managing access to oncolytics relative to other therapeutic areas. 

  • Brand Access
    Brand Access

    Assess the current and future access environment within a specific cancer type, supporting brand strategies for in-line brands and pipeline assets.

  • Account Access
    Account Access

    Benchmark company performance against competitors of competencies and attributes that promote stronger relationships with cancer centers and oncology group practices.

  • Account Access
    Account Access

    Provide insights on enrollment trends and business strategies of leading cancer centers to support development of effective business and account plans.

  • Patient Access
    Patient Access

    Benchmark oncology patient services programs on levels of user importance/value, use, and satisfaction to identify operating gaps and highlight industry best practices, allowing companies to improve patient access to therapy. 

  • Custom Access
    Custom Access

    Tap into our panel of payer and leading oncology group executives, as well as practicing oncologists to answer your specific business questions.

Featured Content

Payer Oncology Access Management in 2022

Payers balance the severity of disease with the need to control high-dollar utilization. As pharmacy spend continues to rise, payers are seeking ways to manage costs in the highest cost therapeutic areas, including oncology. While there is appetite to manage access for both oral and office-administered oncology agents, payers struggle with which tactics to implement without sacrificing patient […]

Solving the Wastage Challenge Through Predictive Analytics and Modeling

“Solving the Wastage Challenge Through Predictive Analytics and Modeling,” authored by John Chatas, Principal, Specialty Consulting, EVERSANA and Lee Ann Steadman, Senior Vice President, Specialty Consulting, EVERSANA explores how legislative changes like the Wastage Reduction Act are driving pharma companies to find innovative ways to minimize product wastage & avoid costly fines. EVERSANA’s #SpecialtyConsulting supports […]

Disease awareness is an essential component to successful commercialization, and our award-winning agency, EVERSANA INTOUCH, has mastered the communication complexity of oncology. Learn why they are the trusted partner for oncology manufacturers.

  • Case Study: It’s Time to #OvaryAct
    Case Study: It’s Time to #OvaryAct

    Awareness about ovarian cancer was lacking. We changed that in a big way.

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  • #OvaryAct GIFS Making a Difference in Patients' Lives
    #OvaryAct GIFS Making a Difference in Patients' Lives

    Real, personal stories make connections to empower patients and caregivers.

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  • #OvaryAct: When the Magic Happens
    #OvaryAct: When the Magic Happens

    Capturing brilliance, sense of hope, energy and strength from a community.

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  • Telehealth's Vital Role in Oncology
    Telehealth's Vital Role in Oncology

    Telehealth can’t be underestimated as a new model to improve patient care.

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  • #EraseTheLine of Care Inequality
    #EraseTheLine of Care Inequality

    Launching the world's first digital platform designed for Black women by Black women.

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  • #ERASETHELINE Short-Listed for Prestigious D&AD Award
    #ERASETHELINE Short-Listed for Prestigious D&AD Award

    Removing barriers to quality care with a smart and compelling campaign.

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  • #ERASETHELINE MM+M Awards Best in Show 2022 Titanium Recipient
    #ERASETHELINE MM+M Awards Best in Show 2022 Titanium Recipient

    The line that slashes through the equal sign is the ugliest blemish on all healthcare, symbolizing the many racial and gender disparities that impact African American women.

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  • Oncology is Increasingly Competitive – Here’s How to Stand Out
    Oncology is Increasingly Competitive – Here’s How to Stand Out

    mart oncology brands understand that the need to combine three things to succeed: Positioning, Storytelling and Targeting.

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  • The Necessity of Mapping the Tumor Journey for Oncology Marketers
    The Necessity of Mapping the Tumor Journey for Oncology Marketers

    Oncology marketing efforts must adapt to the changing landscape by mapping Dx and Tx journeys through the unique lens of the tumor itself.

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