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IDENTIFY Value Opportunities and Evidence Gaps

체계적 검토

Assess and gather the evidence to support your product’s value proposition.

  • Burden of illness studies
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Meta-analysis
  • Indirect treatment comparisons

환경 및 격차 분석

Understand the current and evolving marketplace in order to inform strategic planning and evidence development.

  • Assess market access and pricing opportunities and challenges
  • Provide guidance to clinical development program on QoL, clinical and resource use endpoints
  • Identify and prioritize additional evidence development needs
  • Build the product value proposition

Real World Data Assessment and Prioritization

Evaluation of RWD Source Data and Opportunities

  • Identify Data Sources and Feasibility of Evidence Generation
  • RWD Protocol Design
  • Data Schema and Methodology Development

Market Research and Advisory boards

Identify perceptions of key stakeholders and collect practice patterns and reimbursement information.

  • Identify stakeholders requirements, perceptions and evidence needs
  • Identify and prioritize additional evidence development needs
  • Test and fine tune the product’s target profile and value proposition

가격 조사

Identify price bands that reflect product value, commercial opportunities and potential market access restrictions.

  • Product benchmarking
  • Value based pricing analyses based on cost-effectiveness modeling
  • Identify evidence drivers of product value and price
  • Assess sales potential for possible population targets

보험급여 전략

Optimize opportunities for pricing and market access success.

  • Public and private payer submission strategies
  • Review reimbursement decisions
  • Launch sequencing
  • Risk sharing and subgroup guidance

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