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DEMONSTRATE Clinical and Economic Benefits

Global Cost-effectiveness Models

Global model platforms that can be easily adapted to any market

  • Markov and state transition models
  • Survival partition models
  • Patient simulation models
  • Discrete events simulations
  • Steady state models

Real World Data for Clinical and Economic Outcomes

Leverage Scaled Longitudinal Patient Level Data to Generate Evidence

  • Claims and Transactional Data
  • Clinical and Lab based Data
  • Clinical Outcomes, Hospitalization, and Total Cost of Care
  • Study Design, Data Operations, and Data Science

Country-specific Analyses

Local analyses for reimbursement and HTA submissions.

  • Experience in all major markets
  • Local clinical and health economic experts
  • Experts in Canadian analyses

Budget Impact Analyses

Estimate the financial consequences of the adoption and diffusion of a new health care intervention to public and private payers.

  • National or managed care perspective
  • Net benefit analyses
  • Hospital budget analyses

증거 종합

Assess pooled and comparative effectiveness of a new product.

  • Meta-analyses
  • Systematic Review
  • Indirect treatment comparisons (ITC)
  • Network meta-analyses (NMA)
  • Propensity Score Matching
  • Co-developers of NetMetaXL, co-authors of PRISMA NMA reporting guidelines
  • Over 75 meta-analyses, ITCs and NMA studies completed

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