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COMMUNICATE Overall Value to Stakeholders

Value Message Development and Testing

Evidence-based value messages used to communicate a compelling product value story to stakeholders.

  • Value message development
  • Evidence-based messages
  • Attribute-based messages for some medical devices
  • ‘Aspirational’ value messages that highlight data collection opportunities
  • Messages testing through interviews, advisory boards and surveys

글로벌 가치 자료

Comprehensive resources that summarize a product’s value story and support HTA submissions.

  • Highlighting unmet need, clinical value and economic value
  • Objection handling sections
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Paper and digital production

지불자 비즈니스 사례

Convey product value in to hospital purchasers and other payers in a format that reflects their business priorities.

  • Budget impact and cost offset consideration
  • Hospital business plans that consider:
    • Hospital value based purchasing
    • Total performance scores
    • Hospital acquired conditions
    • Payment bundling
  • Highlight clinical value, efficiency gains, patient benefits and affordability

양방향 지불자 참여 도구

Engage payers with customizable tools that highlight clinical outcomes and affordability.

  • Budget impact and clinical outcomes model
  • Customizable and interactive
  • iPAD, Microsoft and Android platform solutions
  • Product leave behinds (monographs, publications, brochures)

보험급여 신청

Obtain positive reimbursement decisions and listing agreements.

  • Extensive experience with a wide range of therapeutic area submissions
  • Country specific analyses in Europe, North America and Asia
  • Submissions for private and public payers
  • Budget impact analyses
  • Supporting clinical summaries and regulatory documents
  • Experts in Canadian reimbursement submission

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