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Patient Assistance Programs

Alleviate Patients’ Financial Burdens and Increase Speed to Therapy

Current Patient Assistance Program (PAP) models are cumbersome and expensive, often requiring multiple FTEs and days of processing.

EVERSANA’s custom-built patient assistance programs fuse technology and automation to improve operational efficiencies, ultimately minimizing confusion and frustrations felt by patients and caregivers.

Eliminating manual processes, EVERSANA’s full-service, cost-effective and streamlined PAP model features:

  • Digital Enrollment Solutions
    Digital Enrollment Solutions

    Secure self-service websites with Virtual Chatbot Coordinators guide the patient through the enrollment process, reducing the burden of the HCP and office staff.

  • Automated Intake and Eligibility
    Automated Intake and Eligibility

    Robotic Process Automation enables faster application intake and processing. The Electronic Income Validation tool quickly verifies patient eligibility and eliminates the need for hard-copy documentation being submitted to the program.

  • Alternate Funding
    Alternate Funding

    A database of Alternate Funding resources and qualifications pre-screen patients for eligibility to ensure the right patients are benefitting from the PAP.

  • Personalized Engagement
    Personalized Engagement

    Patient engagement with the right message and cadence through their preferred communication channel yields optimal response and impact.

  • Flexible Distribution Models
    Flexible Distribution Models

    Integrated specialty pharmacies fulfill products directly to patients, providers, EVERSANA, or a client-preferred pharmacy for a more efficient and streamlined PAP process.

How the EVERSANA™ Patient-Driven PAP Model Works


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