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Simplifying EU Distribution to Maximize Cost Efficiency and Speed to Market for Patients and Manufacturers

COVID-19 ignited a spark of innovation in the healthcare industry, forcing global markets to reconsider drug development and commercialization processes. The European Union (EU), specifically, is taking carefully planned steps into a new phase of pharma with recent changes, including the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe. But one element of the European pharma industry that remains constant is product distribution through parallel trade.

In 2012, parallel trade activity rose by up to 25% in some countries; but distributing a product across territories with diverse regulations, cultures and languages is complex. Now, there is an even more efficient way for manufacturers to distribute treatments in Europe. The answer is one end-to-end commercialization provider with a network that can reach patients and providers globally.

EVERSANA’s Franjo Hanzl, Vice President Commercial Development, Europe, takes a look at how EVERSANA’s commercialization model, EVERSANA™ COMPLETE Commercialization, is navigating the complexities of parallel trade and supporting manufacturers launching in Europe.

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Vice President Commercial Development Europe

As a leader of the commercial team in Europe, Franjo helps clients solve complex industry challenges while supporting streamlined commercialisation strategies that get innovative therapies to patients across borders. He joined EVERSANA with more…