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Overcome In-Licensing Barriers to Increase Throughput of Assets

In-licensing is an important growth channel for pharmaceutical companies as they continue to seek more catalysts for growth. In-licensing is used to expand or consolidate a company’s position in a therapy area but can oftentimes be limited by internal restraints.

Common Barriers to In-Licensing: Capacity and Capability Constraints

Many times, companies are limited in in-licensing more clinically and commercially viable assets due to commercial capacity and capability constraints.

In fact, observations from recent due diligence efforts indicate companies eliminate at least 20-30% of potentially viable assets due to not having enough resources to commercialize the asset or not having the unique capabilities necessary to commercialize based on asset or market characteristics.

Overcome In-Licensing Hurdles to Accelerate Growth and Support Increased Valuations

By leveraging the robust and bespoke capabilities offered by EVERSANA™, there is a substantial opportunity to realize significant growth by drawing more commercial value from increased in-licensing activity. Partnering with EVERSANA allows companies to pursue more assets that may be strategically aligned with your organization, across any therapeutic modality, in any major pharmaceutical market.

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