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Measuring the Impact of Coordinated Field and Digital Engagement Through Network Influence: An Omnichannel Case Study

In today’s competitive global market, pharmaceutical companies can’t afford to waste time or resources on strategies that don’t generate scripts or fit product and patient needs.

Without data-informed, fully integrated campaigns, there’s a missed opportunity to mine deep insights that can inform next steps and accurately pinpoint efforts to doctors and patients who could benefit from additional touch points during the campaign, yielding higher results. Rather than guessing which HCP targets most disproportionately impact script fills, tracking provider networks through data and analytics can provide discrete insight for creating more effective, targeted provider outreach strategies.

EVERSANA recently sought answers to this industry challenge by studying which providers are impacting product script adoption and fills within patient groups and among other providers. To conduct this study, the team leveraged collective prescriber data to adjust targeting strategies and upturn the script trajectory for a client’s product six months after launch. After a pattern began to emerge among prescriber networks, our team found that providers with connections to existing prescribers prescribed the product at a rate 5.3 times higher than non-connected prescribers did, resulting in 7.8 times higher prescription fills. Our team concluded that understanding provider network connections not only leads to high-impact, targeted outreach that can change script trajectory, but this data also improves future forecasting accuracy as well.

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