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Equip FRMs with the Right Tools to Unlock Patient Access

In the modern healthcare landscape, multiple daunting challenges muddy pharmaceutical manufacturers’ ability to ensure patients have timely and uncomplicated access to high-quality care and life-altering medications. A plethora of obstacles can impede the processes of finding an appropriate HCP or specialist, receiving a diagnosis and obtaining proper treatment. Because the patient journey can present numerous roadblocks, many patients find themselves stranded without the therapies they need. 

One primary hurdle obstructing the path to patient access is the ambiguity surrounding insurance coverage. Patients and healthcare providers (HPCs) alike grapple with the uncertainty of which medical and pharmacy expenses are covered, often resulting in unexpected out-of-pocket costs. This lack of clarity not only poses financial burdens but also impedes efficient access to essential therapies. 

Similarly, procuring prior authorizations (PAs) can be a tangled web of complexities. From intricate medical exceptions to convoluted appeals processes, patients and providers face a myriad of obstacles while seeking PAs that delay access to treatment. 

Furthermore, the roles of sales teams and field reimbursement managers (FRMs) are often segregated in a way that lacks synergy and hampers access. Limited access to relevant data or an overwhelming abundance of information also stifles the ability to address access barriers in real-time, impeding field and patient services teams and perpetuating the cycle of patient frustration. 

Traditionally, manufacturers have attempted to tackle these challenges through disparate vendors, each addressing a specific aspect of the access journey. However, this fragmented approach often exacerbates existing inefficiencies, resulting in conflicting priorities, low performance and unmet patient needs. 

EVERSANA’s ACTICS eAccess Relieves Common Pain Points and Accelerates Time to Therapy 

In contrast to the industry’s conventional fragmented approach, EVERSANA stands as a unified force, offering comprehensive strategies to accelerate patients’ time to therapy. Through our revolutionary ACTICS eAccess solution, EVERSANA seamlessly integrates people, data and technology to dismantle access barriers. 

Powered by proprietary eBV and ePA platforms, ACTICS eAccess empowers field reimbursement managers to provide access to both benefits and PA information in real-time. 

ACTICS eAccess enables: 

  • Rapid determination of patients’ medical and pharmacy benefits 
  • Support for providers in PA submissions and appeals 
  • Real-time insights to tackle access barriers effectively 
  • Identification of points of patient journey disruption for refined commercial strategies 
  • Alleviation of paperwork burden for healthcare providers 
  • Reduced wait times to receive therapy, enhancing the overall brand experience 

Furthermore, EVERSANA’s digital reimbursement support ecosystem offers end-to-end modular solutions that adapt to various evolving patient access hurdles, augmenting interactions across hub, field and HCPs. 

The impact of EVERSANA’s approach speaks volumes, as evidenced by industry-leading results: 

  • Electronic connectivity to over 1,400 payers, covering 90% of lives 
  • Success rates at 90% vs. the industry’s historic 43% 
  • Securing time to therapy in hours rather than days 
  • Real-time major medical benefit verification, eliminating painstaking wait times and the need for tedious manual processes 

EVERSANA’s ACTICS eAccess revolutionizes the way pharmaceutical companies navigate the complexities of field access. Through our innovative solutions that deploy a patient-first approach, EVERSANA not only accelerates patients’ journeys to therapy, but also paves the way for a future where access barriers are a relic of the past. 

Interested in learning more about how ACTICS eAccess can transform patient access for your products? Contact one of our experts today. 

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