EPP Studio Live Webinar — EU Joint Procurement of COVID-19 Vaccines: A Model for Future Market Access in Europe?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and the way we respond to global healthcare crises. During this EPP Studio Live webinar, Douglas Foerster, Senior Vice President of Pricing & Market Access for EVERSANA, shares a brief historical summary of how the European Union negotiated the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines through an unprecedented, and somewhat controversial, joint procurement process.

Mr. Foerster and Professor York Zöllner of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences discuss the pros and cons of this joint procurement approach as they explore various scenarios under which this process may offer future market access considerations of cost, speed, efficiency and equity.


Senior Vice President, Pricing & Market Access

Douglas leads EVERSANA’s pricing and market access team to strategically drive new drugs to the global market. A proven European Market Access launch readiness and commmercialisation expert with 15 years in healthcare, health economics…