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Connectivity Between Field Reimbursement Managers and Patient Services: The Missing Link to Efficiency

EVERSANA’s Rich Heddens, Senior Vice President, Payer Strategy & Execution, and Matthew Baniak, Vice President, Client Delivery & Excellence, discuss the importance of connectivity between Field Reimbursement Managers (FRMs) and Patient Services.  

Disparate information, antiquated systems and a disconnect between the two service areas often translate to pain points experienced by patients and providers. EVERSANA’s three pillars, people, data and infrastructure, bridge the gap to create efficient and effective communications, ultimately reducing frustrations and getting the patient on therapy faster.   

In this video, the two industry leaders cover: 

  • Why the connectivity of Field Reimbursement Managers and the Patient Services team is important to ensure patients’ adoption of new therapies 
  • How technology infrastructure is key to enabling connectivity between Patient Services and Field Reimbursement Managers to provide more efficient access to therapy 
  • What makes EVERSANA’s solution more cost-effective than traditional systems 
  • What differentiates EVERSANA from other companies connecting the hub and Field Reimbursement Managers navigating the patient journey during commercialization 
  • How clients are finding success with this solution 
  • What the consequences are of not investing in a cohesive FRM and Patient Services team 

To listen to the full session, watch the video below.  

Rich Heddens
SVP, Payer Strategy & Execution

Rich Heddens, Senior Vice President of Payer Strategy & Execution, is helping EVERSANA’s partners drive life-changing therapies to market and into the hands of patients. As a leader in market access, sales and marketing…

Matt Baniak
Vice President, Patient Services, Client & Delivery Excellence

Matt Baniak currently serves as EVERSANA’s Vice President of Client and Delivery Excellence where he is responsible for reimbursement HUBs, digital therapies and complex integrated programs. He also leads EVERSANA’s training, workforce and customer…