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Client Success Story

the situation

The Situation

The client asked EVERSANA for “high-touch” medical information services to support an oncology immunotherapy and the complexity of its manufacturing and logistics from patient to delivery. The client also asked for a highly trained staff knowledgeable in the product’s therapeutic area in the emerging field of cell therapy.

the solution

The Solution

EVERSANA presented different staffing options, and the client chose our hybrid model. The hybrid model offered the advantage of having a dedicated pharmacist and subject-matter expert available to work in close collaboration with the client, with the flexibility of adding or reducing the number of shared pharmacists to accommodate changing staffing needs in both the pre- and post-launch phases. The hybrid model also offered the advantage of reducing the financial responsibility for the client when compared to the fixed costs associated with a dedicated model. For commercial launch, EVERSANA added shared pharmacist staff to support a projected increase in call volume, extend contact center hours, and initiate after-hours services for the client within a predefined timeline.

the results

The Results

The contact center program – development of a medical communications management plan, workflow processes, configuration of the EVERSANA medical information system, staff training and alignment of communication between the client and EVERSANA–was successfully established in approximately three months. The client continues to utilize EVERSANA’s services and frequently expresses how pleased they are with the quality of our services, our staff’s knowledge in the therapeutic area of cell therapies and our highly refined processes executed to expected standards. The client also expresses appreciation for our forward thinking and flexibility in services and operations to meet their tailored, ever-changing needs.

- Full-scale contact center program established in 3 months
- Program is run by staff with specific TA expertise
- Flexibility allows the program to meet client's tailored, ever-changing needs