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EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum 2023

Meet the experts behind NAVLIN by EVERSANA in booth #1 at the EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland, October 17-19, 2023.

On Tuesday, October 17, Alan Crowther,  General Manager, Global Pricing,  Access and Digital Solutions and Andrew Hanhauser, SVP, NAVLIN Price & Access Data, will be facilitating a workshop on Practical Uses of  Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Pricing and Access.  During this hands-on workshop, participants will work through real-world problems at all stages of the lifecycle with AI and machine-learning driven tools, providing the opportunity to increase their familiarity with these tools and experience firsthand where and how they work well – and where they fall short or fail.

On Wednesday, October 18 at 8:50am, be sure to attend Alan Crowther’s keynote address on Understanding New Regulations, New Trends and How to Adapt.

On Thursday, October 19 at 8:45am, join Alan Crowther for an informative session on Measuring Market Access Success where he will discuss:

  • How to think about KPIs and measures for success
  • Drivers and Issues with measuring and achieving success
  • How to benchmark efforts

About the EPP Life Science Pricing Forum

The EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forumis the 2023 must-attend conference for pricing directors and executives, and all of those involved in pricing, market access and reimbursement for the Pharmaceutical, MedTech and Biotech industries.

This event offers the opportunity to talk about many urgent issues that the industry is facing in these days. With so many new regulations, inflation and rising production costs, new products and new pricing models… how are we going to move forward successfully in this new world? Innovative treatments and revolutionary drugs and tools are ready to be launched in the market, but costs and regulations are hampering efforts to build strong and sustainable pricing, access and reimbursement models. Customers are getting more demanding – quality and equity are paramount issues that we must face aggressively.

The annual EPP Life Sciences Pricing Forum offers you a unique opportunity to discover best practices and leading-edge solutions, interact with your peers from different countries, engage in insightful discussions, share experiences and gain new perspectives. Join us for this one-of-a-kind lively and interactive conference, with tremendous networking opportunities and dedicated learning sessions to help you learn, grow and best prepare for the pricing challenges ahead.

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