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Copay, Reimbursement and Access Congress

Join EVERSANA at Informa Connect’s Copay, Reimbursement and Access Congress October 12-14 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and online. 

Those attending the congress can expect to hear from copay, reimbursement and access industry thought leaders including EVERSANA’s Kevin O’Meara, Vice President, Patient Services. Joe and Kevin’s session, “Brand Planning – Fitting Financial and Copay Services into Existing Models” will take place on Thursday, October 13 at 10 AM EST and will explore short to long-term implications for copay-type programs, patient access and affordability.


The need for comprehensive patient data and patient-first affordability programs calls for a sophisticated new model that can alleviate patients’ financial burden and drive therapy adoption. EVERSANA’s targeted affordability solutions are designed to help patients secure treatments and manage costs. Our elevated HIPAA- and government-compliant affordability solutions are driven by predictive analytics and patient profile segmentation to offer a patient-first, cost-effective and outcomes-based model designed to directly alleviate patients’ financial burdens and drive therapy adoption. 

About Copay, Reimbursement and Access Congress   

Copay, Reimbursement & Access Congress will cover navigating marketplace trends and explore the impact of coupons, accumulators, maximizers, benefit design, innovation and drug pricing legislation on patient affordability and out-of-pocket costs. 

 Other topics covered during the congress include:  

  • Innovating Copay Program Design and Operations to Overcome Patient Affordability Barriers Elevating Reimbursement Strategies and Stay on the Pulse of Trends in the Evolving Healthcare Landscape 
  • Streamlining Formulary Management to Optimize Performance 

Visit EVERSANA’s experts at our booth or schedule a time to meet with one of our experts.