Pharma Japan 2022

EVERSANA is proud to be a Global Sponsor at this year’s Pharma Japan 2022 hosted by Reuters, taking place on 28-29 September. 

Pharma has entered a new world, where scientific innovation is no longer enough to be successful. This, coupled with looming deregulation and an influx of innovative treatments, means that the time is now for you to put your strategy for the future into action. It’s time to go beyond the medicine and focus on patient value. 

EVERSANA is present at Pharma Japan and committed to providing insights and support to our clients during this transformative time in our industry. 

Join EVERSANA on September 28 at 9:10-9:30 JST as we present the session “A New Way to Commercialize in the US and EU for Higher Value.” In this session, we will discuss how Japanese companies can no longer rely on the model of selling in Japan and out-licensing elsewhere. They need to enter at least EU, US and China and they need to do it soon. However, this is fraught with risk and requires alignment and tenacity. EVERSANA will share our thoughts on the emerging entry models based on our client support perspective.

Talk with our business experts to learn more about how our global commercial solutions provide you with the right strategies and tools to help accelerate your speed to market. Click the button below to schedule a meeting. Look for an EVERSANA team member live on the conference networking platform. 




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