7th Annual CAR-TCR Summit

Join EVERSANA at 7th Annual CAR-TCR Summit

As the industry focuses more on specialty therapies, it is imperative that manufacturers move to a patient-centered care model that delivers value enabled by innovative technologies and measured by actionable data.

As the only go-to complete commercialization expert in the industry, EVERSANATM brings together strategy, patient recruitment for clinical trials, HCPs and patient engagement across the patient journey, and warehousing and logistics to support complex transportation needs.

Incorporating Patient Insights & Engagement for Clinical and Commercial Success

Join EVERSANA’s Anindita Banerjee, SVP, Client Services, EVERSANA INTOUCH Engage and Jeff LaVaute Managing Director, Strategy, EVERSANA INTOUCH Engage during the September 21st plenary presentation, “Incorporating Patient Insights & Engagement for Clinical & Commercial Success,” at 8:40 am EST. 

CAR T-cell therapies are diversified and different. They pose tremendous potential for improving patient care while also posing a unique set of communication and adoption challenges because of their complexity. During this session, we will discuss our approach to generating actionable patient insights and turning them into impactful programs. By investing in the patient’s perspective and connecting it to how HCPs view the care journey and how payers understand the cost impact, we build holistic patient journeys that allow us to tell our stories through the patient’s voice.

This session will touch upon:

  • Opportunities and Challenges in CAR-T
  • Patient Insight Generation
  • The CAR-T Patient Journey
  • Bridging the Gap Between Clinal to Commercial: The Importance of Using the Patient’s Voice to Tell Stories that Resonate with All Stakeholders



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