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Meet EVERSANA at Asembia 2022

Ready to reconnect at Asembia?

Connect with EVERSANA™, a proud Gold Sponsor, at Asembia 2022 Specialty Pharmacy Conference May 2-5, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Schedule a meeting with our team of experts today, or visit Booth #230.

EVERSANA’s Next Generation Patient Services

Today’s patients are far more engaged than the previous era of “doctor knows best.” Powered by the technology they use in their daily lives, the patient community is partnering with providers, scientists, regulators, disease state experts and manufacturers to:

  • Design clinically meaningful endpoints.
  • Engage and educate online communities.
  • Improve disease awareness and diagnosis.
  • Co-design patient engagement and support programs.

As a result, the next generation of clinical trial recruitment and patient services, including strategies in channel distribution and specialty pharmacy, can no longer depend on the “one-size-fits-all” model. Manufacturers can achieve greater value for all stakeholders – patients, providers and payers – by moving away from the traditional hub to a patient-first care model enabled by innovative technologies and actionable data.

EVERSANA’s Next Generation Global Channel Management & 3PL

EVERSANA’s Global Channel Management offers a lean distribution model and strategy, allowing manufactures to gain control of distribution costs, patient and provider reimbursement support, patient services and distribution strategy. By utilizing a single, client-centric supply chain partner with carrier neutrality, manufacturers can:

  • Access the most competitive rates for their required volumes within the U.S., as well as for global imports and exports.
  • Deliver therapies wherever patients need it.
  • Provide customized temperature-controlled environments in storage and transportation solutions.
  • Ensure on-time, accurate delivery with transparent, real-time tracking of product movement.
  • Safeguard their operations to minimize risk and ensure product authenticity and integrity.

Meet With Commercialization Experts

Within 24 months, EVERSANA has rapidly grown our next generation commercialization services and created new solutions to improve:

  • VISIBILITY into your patients’ journeys through the integration of our hub and field reimbursement specialist teams. (Yes, we’re on the front line, talking with patients, providers and payers!)
  • ONBOARDING through the latest in digital patient engagement, powered by advanced data, AI and ML technologies. (Let’s go beyond the buzz of “omnichannel”!)
  • FINANCIAL PREDICTABILITY as we reduce abandonment with evolving co-pay and affordability strategies. (Are you on top of the changes?)
  • DISTRIBUTION AGILITY for flexibility to increase efficiency, maximize investments and minimize risk on a product-by-product basis. (Are you in control?)

Schedule a meeting today, or visit EVERSANA’s experts at booth #230.

About Asembia

Asembia is proud to be hosting its 15th annual Specialty Pharmacy Summit at Wynn & Encore. Each year, the Summit welcomes leading organizations, including pharmacies, health systems, pharma/biotech manufacturers, drug wholesalers, pharmacy benefit managers, health plans, technology companies, digital health companies, service providers, financial & consulting firms and other key industry stakeholders. Attendees comprise c-suite executives, market access professionals, pharmacy owners, managed care decision-makers, purchasing agents, pharmacists, nurses, physicians, product brand teams, national & regional account managers, industry consultants and other influential industry professionals.