EVERSANA Sponsors Medicaid Drug Rebate Program Summit

Join us at the  In-Person Medicaid Drug Rebate Program Summit, October 11-13, 2021.

The summit provides unparalleled access to the government regulators creating the rules, the industry leaders interpreting them, and the pharmaceutical executives implementing them.

To best meet the needs of both traveling and stay-at-home audiences, MDRP 2021 will be a HYBRID event, combining live and digital experiences that showcase the content from the live event with additional keynotes, panel discussions, and meeting scheduling to be fully inclusive to those unable to attend in person.

EVERSANA’s  government pricing and revenue management expert Mike Kurland will lead the following in-person session.

Workshop A: State Drug Price Transparency – State by State Review of Regulations and Operational Processes

“State Perspectives: How are they Thinking Beyond Initial Transparency and Reporting?”

Date: Monday October 11, 2021,  Time: 11:40AM – 12:15PM

If you are attending MDRP, please join our session and stop by the EVERSANA booth to meet the team or click to learn more about our 수익 관리 solutions. Register here.

Click here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with our team of experts to learn what you can do to ensure readiness with these potential MDRP changes.