EVERSANA Sponsors 2021 ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo

EVERSANA is proud to sponsor the 77th ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo and advance the conversation surrounding the latest education and research on reproductive care. This in-person event will be held October 17 – 20 in Baltimore, MD with select sessions also offered on-demand. Meet with EVERSANA experts at Booth 721! 

The theme of the 2021 Scientific Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine is “Reproduction Reimagined.” The scope of reproductive medicine is broad ranging from puberty to menopause, including all genders, while having a focus that is both molecular and macroscopic. The entire program is designed to address the educational and practice needs of physicians, nurses, andrology and embryology laboratory personnel, genetic counselors, mental health practitioners, practice managers, as well as practitioners in public health, allied health, law, and ethics. 

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Meet with EVERSANA’s experts at Booth 721 and get to experience our newly updated Donor Eligibility System, in partnership with Reprotech.

EVERSANA and ReproTech teamed up to develop an automated, web-accessible system to assist in the donor eligibility determination process. This system is specifically designed to provide tissue organizations with the ability to fully automate the donor eligibility process in a way that is not only compliant with FDA 21 CFR 1271 but also speeds up eligibility determination and saves money.

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Donor Eligibility Outsourcing Services

Tissue Compliance Solutions

FDA Compliance Solutions