Meet the Experts of High-Touch Patient Recruitment & Engagement

Today’s patients are far more engaged than the previous era of “doctor knows best.” Powered by the technology they use in their daily lives, the patient community is partnering with providers, scientists, regulators, disease state experts, and manufacturers to:

  • Design clinically meaningful endpoints
  • Engage and educate online communities
  • Improve disease awareness and diagnosis
  • Co-design patient engagement and support programs

As a result, the next generation of clinical trial recruitment and patient services can no longer depend on the “one-size-fits-all” model. Manufacturers can achieve greater value for all stakeholders – patients, providers and payers – by moving away from the traditional HUB to a patient-centered care model enabled by innovative technologies & actionable data.

Manufacturers should also strive to give patients the personalized support they need to create the life-changing habits that generate positive outcomes. EVERSANA recently partnered with Noom, the world’s leading behavior change company, to increase medication adherence and improve health outcomes for the millions of patients suffering from rare diseases.

A team of EVERSANA experts will be speaking at multiple conferences this year to offer insight how manufacturers can build high-touch patient recruitment & engagement programs that are truly patient-centric:

·         Clinical trial recruitment·         Adherence solutions
·         Patient engagement·         Specialty pharmacy
·         Access & affordability·         In-home nursing

Meet EVERSANA experts at these upcoming conferences:

SCOPE Summit 2020  |  February 18-21  |  Orlando
Kristina Wolfe, DrPH, Director
“A Patient-Centered Approach to Reimagining Clinical Trial Recruitment”  |  February 19  |  2:50 PM

CBI HUB & SPP  |  February 24-26  |  Philadelphia
Tom Doyle, Senior Vice President
“New Product Commercialization”  |  February 24  |  4:15 PM

Orphan Drugs & Rare Diseases Global Congress  |  March 13-18  |  London
Presentation by Mike Ryan, Executive Vice President, Europe & Asia-Pacific

CBI Patient Assistance & Access (PAP)  |  March 23-25  |  Baltimore
Brian Davis, Vice President, Strategy and Innovation
“Advancing Automation and Real-Time Access to Drive Patient Adherence and Affordability”  |  March 24  |  4:45 PM

CBI Formulary, Copay and Access  |  April 9-11  |  San Francisco
Presentation by Brian Davis, Vice President, Strategy and Innovation

ASEMBIA  |  May 4-7  |  Las Vegas

CBI Medicaid & Government Pricing  |  May 19-21  |  Orlando
Joe Birdsall, Senior Vice President, Financial Service & Channel
“Voluntary Contracting and Claims”  |  May 19  |  3:40 PM