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Tim Disher, RN, PhD

Senior Director, Biostatistics


Data & Analytics, Health Economic Research, HEOR

Tim is an experienced analyst and emerging thought leader in the application of Bayesian methods to complex problems. His Vanier Canada Graduate Funded dissertation research focused on the  incorporation of multivariate evidence synthesis in health economic models in neonatology. Tim’s expertise includes developing and critiquing models through a lens that blends statistical and clinical considerations. He is a Cochrane author with publications in high impact pediatrics journals and the recipient of the prestigious JAMA Pediatrics trainee publication award. Tim is a PhD candidate in nursing and Vanier Canada Scholar, and holds a BSc in nursing and psychology, both at Dalhousie University.

Articles by Tim Disher, RN, PhD

Filling the Missing Spaces in Your Network Meta-Analysis: The Role of Surrogate Models

Network Meta-Analysis Network meta-analysis is a statistical method that combines data from multiple randomized controlled trials to compare the relative effectiveness of different interventions (Dias et al. 2011). This method allows researchers to synthesize the results of trials that have evaluated the same health outcomes, but have used different treatments or interventions. Network meta-analysis provides a comprehensive assessment of the available evidence, and offers a robust basis for making clinical and policy decisions. In network meta-analysis, missing outcome data can pose a challenge when the final interpretation relies on comparisons across outcomes that are not consistently reported. A common example in oncology may be the case of important changes to the […]

ISPOR 2020 PODIUM: Methodological Challenges with NMAs Assessing Long-term Efficacy in Psoriasis

METHODOLOGICAL CHALLENGES WITH CONDUCTING NETWORK META-ANALYSES ASSESSING LONG-TERM COMPARATIVE EFFICACY IN PSORIASIS- A CRITIQUE OF ASSUMPTIONS UNDERPINNING RECENT INDIRECT TREATMENT COMPARISONS Virtual ISPOR 2020 | TUESDAY, May 19th, 2020 | 5:30-5:45 PM ET OBJECTIVES: In network meta-analysis (NMA) of psoriasis trials, cross-over after an initial placebo-controlled period limits the connectivity of long-term evidence networks. We illustrate the challenges with conducting NMAs assessing efficacy beyond cross-over in psoriasis by critically appraising the assumptions underpinning recent long-term NMAs. METHODS: We compared three recent NMA studies (Armstrong et al. 2019, Sawyer et al. 2018, and Diels et al. 2017) assessing long-term (beyond 16 to 24 weeks) comparative efficacy in psoriasis and investigated how the three […]

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