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Sean Rapson

Managing Director


Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory)

Sean brings experience gained through various internal commercial roles at a premier biopharmaceutical company and as a consultant advising leading biopharmaceutical clients.

His focus is on defining and delivering corporate, portfolio, and brand-level vision and strategy. In his work, he considers evolving stakeholder dynamics in the US biopharmaceutical market, along with digital capabilities that are rapidly transforming how biopharmaceutical companies develop therapies, commercialize brands, engage stakeholders, and generate and act on insights.

Notable client challenges have included brand commercialization and launches, digital closed-loop multichannel marketing transformations with analytics capabilities, digital medicine development and commercialization, late-stage loss-of-exclusivity marketing strategy development, emerging customer marketing development, innovation programs, and drug delivery device market scans.

He holds a bachelor of commerce degree from Australia’s Monash University, with majors in econometrics and marketing strategy.

Articles by Sean Rapson

Macroeconomic Factors Impact Cash Flow for Pharma

Worldwide inflation, ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and other macroeconomic factors continue to negatively impact established brands at a time when pharma companies need their positive cash flow the most to continue funding R&D. Leading experts Ed Cox and Sean Rapson break down the facts and share their insight how to leverage new models like EVERSANA™ REIGNITE Commercialization, to properly invest in your established brands and maximize revenue potential. Watch this 8 minute video or schedule a meeting with our experts. Or explore more information about Established Brands and our solutions.

Applying the Scientific Method as the Cornerstone of Brand Insights and Strategy

Commercial leaders across biopharmaceutical companies invest millions of dollars each month on developing insights to inform their understanding of the market and their own brand ambition, determining where to play and how to win. And it is no wonder: The pressure to succeed at moments of truth like launch has never been higher.  This has led to ever-growing insights budgets to invest in large-sample qualitative interviews with every form and segment of healthcare provider, institutional decision-maker, payer, patient, caregiver and patient advocacy group.  The voice of the customer is crucial, but too often the vast majority of insights investment is spent on exploratory insights generation that inform a general point of view […]

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