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Rohit Sood

Executive Vice President, COMPLETE Commercialization


Brand Plan Development, Commercialization, Digital Medicine, Forecasting Activities, HEOR, Leadership, Management, Market Access, Oncology, Operational Transformation, Patient Journey, Product Launch, Project Management, Rare Disease

Rohit is helping EVERSANA disrupt the life sciences industry with innovative commercialization solutions. As a strategy and operations professional, he has served as both an advisor and global strategy leader, driving top-line business growth and identifying significant operational efficiencies in PE-backed, startup and publicly listed organizations. He has advised senior management and CEOs of global life sciences companies on critical topics, including therapeutic area growth strategy, R & D, licensing, go-to-market approaches, launch/commercial excellence and commercial models.

Rohit holds an MBA from Rutgers Business School and an MS in telecommunications from Pace University.

Articles by Rohit Sood

EVERSANA™ COMPLETE Commercialization – Executing on 4 Key Performance Indicators

EVERSANA’s Rohit Sood, Executive Vice President, COMPLETE Commercialization shares the four key performance indicators we focus on with every EVERSANA COMPLETE Commercialization program – Speed, Agility, Consistency and Risk Management.   Check out our whitepaper, CHALLENGING TRADITION: The argument for integrated commercialization to improve operational agility, to learn more about what occurs when pharmaceutical companies:  lean into evolution and adopt an innovative mindset,  leverage a fully integrated commercialization model to drive operational excellence,  harness the energy and momentum in an efficient and accessible package and   turn away from fixed and sluggish structures and toward more efficient partnerships for success.   

David and Goliath: How Can First-Time Launchers Avoid Failure and Beat Big Pharma Launches

A first-time pharma launch sounds exciting……but it’s demanding. Not everybody can handle it. Want to learn how to succeed? In this episode of Pharma Launch Secrets, podcast host Bozidar Jovicevic, CEO of Evermed, is joined by Rohit Sood, Executive Vice President at EVERSANA to discuss: Why has the number of 1st-time launchers increased threefold over the last 10 years? Why do 60%+ of 1st-time launches fail, and how do they compare to big pharma launches? What can 1st-time launchers learn from Mike Tyson about strategy and adapting to the circumstances?

WEBINAR: A Pivotal Shift in Life Sciences Industry Across R&D and Commercial: A Conversation with the Experts

The life sciences pipeline is evolving from small molecules to biologics and cell and gene therapy, and there are currently more than 900 therapies in clinical trials. As competition rises, manufacturers also need to manage the reality that the cost of research and development has doubled as ROI reduces from 10% to 2%. In this webinar discussion, EVERSANA’s Vikram Anand and Rohit Sood look at why the industry needs to reimagine medical affairs, regulatory affairs, quality control and pharmacovigilance for the sake of manufacturers and their patients, and how breaking industry silos is blazing new trails for launch success. Watch the conversation now! Meet with our experts.

Webinar: Next Generation Commercial Innovation: Moving from Promise to Practice

As pharma continues to evolve, commercialization models must evolve also. In this PharmaVOICE webinar, EVERSANA’s Rohit Sood, EVP, COMPLETE Commercialization, and Resverlogix’s CEO Donald J. McCaffrey discuss why pharma companies are focusing on new commercial models that are agile and built on operational excellence and renewable infrastructure to recognize resource and cost benefit.  While “innovative” seems to be the most over-used adjective for today’s commercialization efforts, the panelists focus on the following topics: How to turn away from fixed and sluggish structures to more efficient partnerships for success. How operational excellence during commercialization can ultimately benefit the patient. How to build an operation and a culture of agility that allows […]

CHALLENGING TRADITION: The argument for integrated commercialization to improve operational agility

Today’s economics simply do not support building commercial capabilities from scratch, only to dismantle that infrastructure until the next need arrives. Manufacturers will spend approximately $200 million of commercialization costs over three years leading up to the launch of their product, yet 66% of drugs do not meet launch expectations.    In an era of specialty and rare-disease products, customized expertise and structures must be ready to adapt to varying market needs. And if the pandemic taught us anything, it is that successful organizations need to adapt to market demands and external forces out of their control.  But while that’s true, and we know what needs to change, a survey of 30 biopharma commercialization […]

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