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Senior Principal, Digital and Data Solutions, APAC


Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory), Data & Analytics, Digital Medicine, Digital Technology

Rohit Kumar is a Senior Principal with EVERSANA and has two decades of experience in analytics-based consulting and technology/digital areas across US, Europe, and APAC, with PharmARC, IQVIA and PharmaACE.

He is part of the core digital team at EVERSANA and is establishing the digital practice in the APAC region.

Rohit has successfully established and scaled practices including patient journey identification through social media listening, KOL identification, brand diagnostics, patient-based forecasting, pharmacovigilance, and digital.

He has expertise in recommending and implementing digital solutions including AIML-based interventions, to gain deeper insights, and enhance reach and engagement with patients and physicians.

Rohit holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering, India, and the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, US.

Articles by ロヒト・クマール

Seven Important Factors for APAC Companies to Consider while Launching Products in the Digital Health and Digital Therapeutics Space

Digital health and digital therapeutics innovation, commercialization, and adoption is accelerating in the APAC region. Digital medicines as an area, globally, is not new, yet even the largest players in the sector can still be considered start-ups in many respects. This is because the regulatory and reimbursement pathways are still evolving, and this has had an impact on adoption and scale up. This continuing emergence has led to the exploration of alternative commercial models by many players in the space, with varying levels of success including in APAC. As a follow-up to the framework comparing regulatory requirements for DTx in the APAC region, put together by EVERSANA™’s digital medicine team, […]

Regulatory Framework for Digital Therapeutics in the APAC Region

Authored by: Martin Culjat, Kory Dillman, Deval Patel, Rohit Kumar Digital health and digital therapeutics innovation, commercialization, and adoption is accelerating in the APAC region, and this has been in full display at the first-ever DTx Asia conference held in Seoul, South Korea on November 8 and 9, 2022. DTx manufacturers are seeking authorization from global regulatory bodies, particularly in markets with emerging reimbursement opportunities. However, the regulatory hurdles across APAC are still unclear to many, as are the advantages and challenges in approaching these markets. Fortunately, the APAC regulatory bodies have made considerable advances in the oversight of digital health and software-as-a-medical device (SaMD). Emerging examples from trailblazing companies […]

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