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Articles by ロブ・アーノルド

Reframing the Challenges of Access and ROI

Pharma companies today are being judged not just on their profitability for shareholders, but also on the extent to which their products are accessible to patients. Today’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investors want to see evidence of corporate responsibility, for which pharmaceuticals’ surrogate measure is access. While companies such as Novo Nordisk and UCB explicitly include access or related measures as direct performance indicators, eight of the top 20 companies are developing systematic access plans. GSK and Novartis have made specific quantitative commitments to increasing access for their products by 2025. While access has always been of interest as a metric, companies have been discouraged by the trade-off between […]

WEBINAR: Sustainability in Pharma: Access and Financial Returns

In addition to the global disruption caused by COVID-19, pharma faces additional pressure to adopt digital technologies, transform long-standing business practices, and accelerate timelines to deliver value for HCPs and patients. Not to mention, the specialty pipeline continues to grow, but therapies for rare diseases are facing significant access challenges. In this webinar, EVERSANA’s Rob Arnold, Executive Vice President for APAC, shares how we’re supporting global clients and patients with insights and proven commercialization strategies during this turning point in our industry. Watch his Pharma Japan presentation below! Learn more about how EVERSANA’s global commercial solutions provide the right strategies and tools to accelerate your speed to market. To learn […]

How Do You Know Your Portfolio Process Is Adding Value?

In 1998, Rob Arnold, Executive Vice President, teamed with some colleagues to publish an article in the Harvard Business Review that highlighted the practical results obtained by applying modern R&D portfolio thinking to SmithKline Beecham’s late-stage assets. SB publicly claimed that the review process had added $2.6 billion in value to the corporation. That team worked with most major pharma companies to apply similar principles in the 1990s, and huge value was unlocked using superior analytic and people process approaches. These approaches were developed to address the most significant challenge of the time: too many assets and not enough investment available. Industry challenges are different today, and more time is […]

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