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Matt Baniak

Vice President, Patient Services, Client & Delivery Excellence


Complex Therapies, Digital Health, Digital Medicine, Patient Journey, Patient Services, Patients, Product Launch, Project Management

Matt Baniak currently serves as EVERSANA’s Vice President of Client and Delivery Excellence where he is responsible for reimbursement HUBs, digital therapies and complex integrated programs. He also leads EVERSANA’s training, workforce and customer experience teams.

With over 15 years of experience in healthcare leadership, including operations, project management and analytics, Matt has overseen care teams that include rare exclusive, buy and bill, HUB and REMs. Additionally, he has worked with GPOs for over 10 years leading operations, analytics, adult learning and MDM teams.

Matt is a graduate of Saint Louis University where he focused on life sciences and psychology. He currently resides in the Saint Louis metropolitan area with his wife and two children.

Articles by Matt Baniak

Payer Oncology Access Management in 2022

Payers balance the severity of disease with the need to control high-dollar utilization. As pharmacy spend continues to rise, payers are seeking ways to manage costs in the highest cost therapeutic areas, including oncology. While there is appetite to manage access for both oral and office-administered oncology agents, payers struggle with which tactics to implement without sacrificing patient outcomes. ​ ​Pharmaceutical companies should expect to see changes in payer management for oncology over the next 2-3 years. ​ In a recent article, the NAVLIN Insights team outlines payer access management in oncology today and takes a closer look at how access will evolve in the coming years, including the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act and which brands may […]

Accelerate Patient Therapy Adoption by Eliminating Obstructive Pain Points and Waiting Games

Acquiring all the necessary information to initiate patients’ treatment can sometimes feel like a bad game of Telephone to HCPs and their staff. Missing or inaccurate details that can require multiple phone calls, emails or faxes to various individuals can eat up staffs’ time and resources and prolong patients’ adoption of therapy.  EVERSANA’s Field Reimbursement Managers (FRMs) work in conjunction with patient services teams through established relationships and a secure integrated messaging portal. HCP offices can lean on one contact for the information they need and access it directly in front of them using our interconnected communication channels.   Our FRMs know what is necessary for prior authorization approvals and work with […]

Connectivity Between Field Reimbursement Managers and Patient Services: The Missing Link to Efficiency

EVERSANA’s Rich Heddens, Senior Vice President, Payer Strategy & Execution, and Matthew Baniak, Vice President, Client Delivery & Excellence, discuss the importance of connectivity between Field Reimbursement Managers (FRMs) and Patient Services.   Disparate information, antiquated systems and a disconnect between the two service areas often translate to pain points experienced by patients and providers. EVERSANA’s three pillars, people, data and infrastructure, bridge the gap to create efficient and effective communications, ultimately reducing frustrations and getting the patient on therapy faster.    In this video, the two industry leaders cover:  Why the connectivity of Field Reimbursement Managers and the Patient Services team is important to ensure patients’ adoption of new therapies  How […]

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