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Lisa Stafford, MS

Senior Vice President, EVERSANA™  Learning & Performance Solutions


Leadership, Learning and Performance, Training

Lisa brings more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech/ healthcare industry to EVERSANA. She is an expert in instructional design, leadership and Learning and Performance.

Lisa spent many years working within a hospital setting, in operations, and training, in positions of increasing executive oversite. Most recently, she founded Alkemy Partners, LLC, one of the fastest growing Learning and Development Agencies in the industry. Alkemy Partners was acquired by EVERSANA, and Lisa maintains her role in driving innovation and design for learning solutions globally.

A skillful operational performance leader and executive strategist, Lisa has extensive knowledge in many therapeutic areas, providing launch excellence for many brands, and continuing education through the life cycle of a product. She also has experience in educating medical, commercial and business personnel to increase behavioral modification and performance effectiveness. Additionally, Lisa is proficient in material development in multi-channel options, including digital experiences.

Lisa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Social Sciences and Creative Arts, and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Articles by Lisa Stafford, MS

The Expanding Oncology Market Prompts Reevaluation of Field Team Training Procedures and Skill Set to Impact Frontline Success

Since 2015, the oncology pipeline has grown by 75%. Simultaneous to the exponential pipeline growth, the market has become increasingly unpredictable with an abundance of challenges such as unprecedented speed to market, securing patient access and affordability and creating compelling stakeholder engagement in a hybrid world. These obstacles call for manufacturers to reevaluate training procedures and the required skill set for their field teams and other internal stakeholders. A core focus of EVERSANA’s Learning and Performance teams’ therapeutic expertise is oncology. They have been developing customized solutions to aid oncology field teams in overcoming obstacles in high-pressure, competitive environments through mindset and behavioral changes. This offering is the only training […]

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