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Lee Ann Steadman



Consulting (Strategy Management & Regulatory)

Lee Ann brings with her more than 15 years of pharmaceutical and medical device experience working with companies such as Sanofi, Lash Group and UBC, Inc. Lee Ann uses her expertise to support the full life cycle of a product.​​

With her knowledge in patient and provider services and channel strategy, Lee Ann has launched more than 30 patient and provider support programs including reimbursement, distribution, financial assistance programs, call centers, sites of care and clinical trial support services across numerous therapeutic classes. Her experience includes support of oncology, rheumatology, neurology, cardiology and rare diseases.​​

Lee Ann earned a BS degree in Psychology and minor in Business from Kansas State University.

Articles by Lee Ann Steadman

Commercialization Strategies in Oncology — The Right Partner Can Reduce Risk and Boost Rewards

Whether you are an emerging company launching your first product or an established company expanding your portfolio, a number of parallel initiatives must be developed and executed to help your therapy get out of the shadow zone and into the limelight. Working closely with the right partner can help your company to differentiate the therapy, overcome obstacles to maximize reimbursement and patient access, and meet clinical objectives. Manufacturers launching a new oncology therapy face numerous critical decisions including managing cost – that on average can reach $265 million over five years. Their biggest problem is that they often do not have that breadth and depth of expertise in-house, or the […]

THINK BEYOND THE THERAPY: Demystifying the Complexities of Cell and Gene Therapy Commercialization

While much attention has been given to the novel science behind cell and gene therapies, ultimately the success of every precision medicine starts and ends with the patient. Whether coordinating a cell or gene therapy clinical trial or product launch, even the best-planned efforts can be derailed without a clear strategy for facilitating access to the therapy and supporting patients through the treatment journey. This is true for almost every specialty product, but it is especially important for cell and gene therapies, given the high cost and complexity of administering these innovative new therapies. On the surface, the commercialization process for cell and gene therapies may seem simple. However, many […]

Are You Tracking the Performance and Satisfaction Ratings of Your Patient Services?

The types of services patients need for support change and fluctuate over time, particularly as a product moves through its lifecycle. The patient services necessary to drive access, affordability and adherence to your product in the launch phase can be markedly different from the patient services that accomplish the same goals at later stages of your product’s lifecycle. This makes it critical that manufacturers continually check to ensure they are still providing relevant and differentiating services to all stakeholders throughout all stages – from diagnosis to therapy initiation and adherence. It should also be noted that providing the right services at the right time is not enough. You also need […]

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