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Laura Clark, MS

Associate Research Scientist, Value and Evidence


HEOR, Patients, Payers, RWE

Laura brings strong scientific and clinical expertise and years of consultancy experience in health economics and outcomes research to EVERSANA. In this role, Laura leverages her knowledge and expertise in using real-world data to capture when, where, and why patients with rare and chronic diseases utilize health services along their journey to better understand the health outcomes and cost resulting from health services utilized. In addition, she has experience in designing predictive models for forecasting the impact of innovative treatments on patient outcomes, as well as the cost implications of new therapies compared to existing standards of care.

Laura earned her Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology from UNC Charlotte, is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist. She will earn her doctorate degree (PhD) in Health Services Research from UNC next spring.

Articles by Laura Clark, MS

PharmaVOICE Showcase on Real-World Evidence

“The complete product lifecycle requires the use of real world evidence to achieve launch success and optimal market access.” As manufacturers develop new innovative medicines and healthcare interventions that disrupt traditional treatment paradigms, it’s critical they demonstrate product value from a real-world standpoint through rigorous scientific evidence on reduction in burden of disease, limitations of other therapies, improved outcomes and key points of differentiation. Real-world evidence (RWE) allows life sciences companies to benchmark target product profiles and effectively deliver against increased payer expectations in the quantification of value and outcomes as it relates to product innovation and real-world impact. In PharmaVOICE’s Showcase on Real-World Evidence, EVERSANA experts answer the questions […]

Ask the Experts: How Does Real World Evidence Ensure Market Access?

Our healthcare system has experienced a fundamental shift in stakeholders’ perceptions of product value and evidentiary thresholds to demonstrate comparative effectiveness, as well as a willingness by relevant decision makers to pay. This value–and–evidence– based landscape is now relying heavily on establishing real world differentiation and has led to exponential growth in the demand for and conduct of formalized assessments of health technologies in such context for formulary coverage and reimbursement purposes. With advancements in big data technologies and the sophistication of health information exchange, payers and providers are building analytic capabilities to identify real world unmet needs, along with areas of cost containment and efficiency. The development of digital […]

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