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Joe Bachstadt

Vice President Patient Services Affordability


Affordability Programs (PAP, Copay), Hub & Adherence Solutions, Managed Care, Managed Markets, Market Access, Oncology, Patient Services, Pricing, Reimbursement & Market Access, Product Launch, Regulatory Compliance

As a leader for EVERSANA’s patient services, Joe is helping partners move past access barriers with custom affordability solutions that focus on securing treatments for patients and managing costs. Joe’s 15 years of experience leading patient services programs has developed him into an expert on program integration; managing co-pay and voucher programs; managing free goods and bridge programs; fraud, waste and abuse detection; digital program integrations; and advanced analytics and reporting. He also specializes in vaccine and oncology access and reimbursement.

Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Delaware.

Articles by Joe Bachstadt

Brand Planning – Fitting Financial and Copay Services into Existing Models

EVERSANA’s Kevin O’Meara, Vice President, Patient Services Solutions, Joe Bachstadt, Vice President, Patient Services Affordability, and Chris Lagoerio, Director, Revenue Management, presented a session, “Brand Planning – Fitting Financial and Copay Services into Existing Models,” at Informa Connect’s Copay, Reimbursement and Access Congress. Session Summary Since the early 2000s copay programs have evolved, becoming increasingly complex and costly. This shift, coupled with the introduction of The Affordable Care Act and rise of high deductible health plans (HDHPs), triggered brands to place a new focus on gross-to-net (GTN) revenue. With an increased spotlight on copay and copay costs, brands have looked to combat accumulators and maximizers, optimize program offers, provide alternative […]

WEBINAR: Industry Disruptors — Stay on the Pulse of Trends in Co-pay Exclusions, Accumulators and Maximizers

In changing market conditions, the need for comprehensive patient data and “just right” affordability programs calls for a sophisticated new model that can alleviate patients’ financial burden and drive therapy adoption. When barriers to access exist, our targeted affordability solutions – co-pay programs, patient assistance programs and alternative payment solutions – help your patients secure treatments and manage cost.  EVERSANA works with partners to break through affordability barriers to streamline operational complexities, enhance patient access and optimize stakeholder collaboration. In this webinar, Joe Bachstadt, Vice President of Patient Services Affordability, discusses:  The evolution and current landscape of co-pay accumulator and maximizer models.  The patient and business impact of accumulators in the ability to access drugs, as well […]

The Patient Access Paradox: How the New CMS Rule Could Prioritize Drug Pricing Before Clinical Decision-Making

In January 2023, co-pay programs will be put to the test, consequently examining how well your brand can adapt to the Final Rule changes to meet patient and provider needs. Our recommendation: Don’t wait – start solutioning a patient-centric approach to access and affordability now.

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