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George Wright

Manager, HEOR


HEOR, Peer-Reviewed Publications

George Wright is a Manager, HEOR at EVERSANA and for the past 6 years has worked on numerous medical device projects to provide clients with the tools they need to engage and inform their customers.​ George holds a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences specializing in Physiology and Pharmacology and an Honors BSc majoring in Biology and Pharmacology from McMaster University. George has over 14 years of research experience in a wide variety of topics including pharmacology, gastroenterology, and computational biology.​  Since joining EVERSANA, George has become experienced in many different medical devices across a variety of specialties and procedures. His experience includes projects involving: developing and adapting budget impact and cost-effectiveness models, systematic literature reviews, meta-analyses and network meta-analyses, value briefs, global value dossiers, and peer-reviewed journal publications.

Articles by George Wright

Single-Arm Data: Turning Limitations into Strengths with Numbers

Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are at the top of the evidence pyramid because they are designed to be unbiased. Unfortunately, for many medical devices, these types of studies are lacking. This is either because they are not required for 510K or post-market approval (PMA), or there are challenges with implementing a randomized study design. Clinical studies without a control group, otherwise known as single-arm studies, have become “the norm” for many device categories. For example, in the oncology space, there are hundreds of uncontrolled studies evaluating thermal ablation technologies! Drug-eluting stents are another category with a wealth of non-comparative data informing the coronary disease treatment space. However, any one of […]

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